DATA Event 27.0

Flux Cafe, The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Blue Melon
Presentation on DATA Workshop 2.0 – E-Waste- workshop to be held February 2nd-3rd. Moore’s law dictates that the complexity of computer chips doubles each 18 months. This causes a rapid decrease in the value of existing electronics. Thus, the dark side of technological progress is the production of endless amounts of electronic waste: e-waste. Although the economic value of obsolete electronics approaches zero, the electronic components themselves can still be useful in other contexts.
Our workshops offer the participants to become familiar with basic hardware and software design while at the same time gaining hands-on experience making an interactive art project. The workshops are open to participants of different backgrounds and no programming or electronic skills are required. The idea is to start from scratch and create a complete project over a weekend, including concept, design, electronics/ interfacing, and functional programming with Max/Msp, Pure Data or Processing.

LoVid is an interdisciplinary artist duo composed of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Their work includes live video installations, sculptures, digital prints, patchworks, media projects, performances and video recordings. They combine many opposing elements in their work, contrasting hard electronics with soft patchworks, analog and digital, or handmade and machine produced objects.
LoVid will present work with wearable light producing electronic devices, giving a short demonstration and performance with Coat of Embrace. This instrument was created in 2006, inspired by early experimentation with image processing as well as current trends in DIY and hacker culture. Coat of Embrace is functionally related to LoVid’s previous A/V synth, Sync Armonica, and draws on concepts and feel developed in the VideoWear.

Evelina Domnitch (Belarus) and Dmitry Gelfand (Russia)
Evelina Domnitch (Belarus) and Dmitry Gelfand (Russia) create sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices.Enter the sonoluminescent environment of Camera Lucida. Inside a free-standing transparent hamber, ultrasound waves move through a gas-enriched fluid causing tiny bubbles to implode at temperatures as hot as the surface of the sun creating fluctuating emissions of light. Until recently, the only way to view sonoluminescence was in a highly specialised sonochemical laboratory. Camera Lucida presents the first opportunity for people outside the scientific community to experience this rare, mysterious and mesmerising phenomenon.

Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor is a well known Dublin composer/filmmaker. Neil has been involved in a diverse range of musical activities including folk, jazz, rock, electronic and electro-acoustic music that has recorded and performed in Europe and America; acts include Redneck Manifesto, Jape, Connect four Orchestra, Goodtime John, Si Schroder, 3epkano and his own electronic outfit Somadrone.
At DATA, Neil will be showing audio-visual work and presenting portions of his PhD research entitled; ‘Kinetic Notation: A new approach to the graphical score’ through both interactive interpretation and multi-media presentation. This will culminate in a performance as ‘Somadrone’, featuring a demonstration of live animation by animator and film director Eoghan Kidney.

LoVid is an interdisciplinary artist duo composed of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus.

Lourens Rozema (Blue Melon)
Presentation on DATA Workshop 2.0 – E-Waste- workshop to be held February 2nd-3rd.

Data 27.0