DATA Event 28.0

The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Michael Szpakowski
Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer & educator. His music has been performed all over the UK, in Russia & the USA. He has exhibited work in galleries in the UK, mainland Europe & the USA. His short films have been shown throughout the world. He is a composer & video artist for Tell Tale Hearts Theatre Company & a joint editor of the online video resource DVblog. At D.A.T.A. michael will be showing some recent & not so recent work and talking about how it has not always apparent roots in technology.

Charlie von Metzradt
A recent graduate from DCU, Charlie von Metzradt is a software engineer by day and electronics tinkerer by night. He is irked by human-computer interface annoyances and any piece of technology that doesn’t read his mind. At D.A.T.A., Charlie will be presenting a motion-sensitive iPod remote control, built into a set of headphones. The ‘Tiltphones’ measure what way your head is oriented and your iPod reacts accordingly. Charlie will talk about his motivation for building it, how the system works and what you’d need to make your own. To make things a little more fun, the audience will have a chance to hook it up to their own iPods to try it out!


Joan Healy
Joan Healy’s work is a playful interpretation of interactive technology and the objectification of the body in performance art. Her most recent work attempts to grotesquely imitate current scientific trends in bio-mimetics, using human bodyhair as a instrument to uncannily create sound and creating performances that parody computer touch-screen interface technology. The technological commodification of the individual/body is examined in her performances using props made from low-tech, DIY and found materials. The performer’s body becomes a tool or automaton used by indiscriminate audience members to be touched and played with. This invasive form of interaction is a transgression of social norms of respecting personal space and it toys with the feeling of embarrassment that is inherent in any performative activity. video documentation on:

Don’t play with your hair! from user5582238 on Vimeo.

Sven Anderson
Sven Anderson has been working with installation and performance art in Dublin since 2002. His projects focus on integrating sound and video within specific architectural sites and public spaces. His work has been installed and performed in Ireland, England, Germany, and the US. He is co-creator of the ‘Streets: Past, Present, and Future,’ a community artwork realized as a collaboration with artist Ciara O’Malley, Fire Station Artists’ Studios, RPA (Railway Procurement Agency), and a collection of individuals and community groups in North Inner City Dublin. Combining video, text, and sound within two large-scale video projections and a multi-channel sound system installed within the Luas terminus at Connolly station, this project explores the relationships that exist between specific communities and the changing urban space that surrounds them. This artwork is currently in its final stages of installation. At D.A.T.A., Sven will be discussing the design and technical setup of this artwork, his experiences working in the community, larger issues concerning the project’s themes, and obstacles encountered bringing the project to its completion. He will also address the dynamics that the project creates between the communities that it represents, the institutions that support it, and the public space in which it is experienced.


Joan Healy’s Dancing Meat


Charlie von MetzradtSoftware engineer by day and electronics tinkerer by night.


Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer & educator.