DATA Event 26.0

Stag’s Head Pub (upstairs)- Stag’s Lane, off Dame street

Enda Bates
is a musician and composer based in Dublin. He is currently pursuing a PhD in computer music at Trinity College Dublin. The Spatial Guitar: A new approach to spatial music performance.

Performances of spatial music generally fall into three categories, pre-recorded stereo tracks which are diffused live to multiple loudspeakers, multi-channel “tape” works which are simply played back without any live element, and performances featuring live musicians spatially distributed around the audience. The spatial guitar is a new approach to the live performance of spatial music in that the spatialization process is incorporated into the instrument itself. The instrument is essentially a standard electric guitar modified so that each string can be individually amplified, processed and fed to different loudspeakers placed around the audience. In this way, the musician can perform spatial music in real-time using standard instrumental techniques to control the spatialization process.
This project has been made possible through the financial support of the Arts Council.

Pussy Krew
– Visual Bastards from Poland (average age 23), they don’t keep any pets but they do music visuals!!!!!!!!!!!!! very glitchy and scratchy, with a lot of laugh and energy. They’re opening video-players and scratch headzzzzz with fingers, they’re circuit bending mixers and vvhss tapes to create rhythm and narration. PussyKrew have played festivals in Poland such as UnSound ( and here in Ireland (DEAF, Mantua). They have collaborated with the likes of Jan Jelinek, Andres Ilar, Minit, now they are in close colaboration with Monosylabikk. You must know that PussyKrew was created to rule the world!!!!!!! The end of old order is near …. in couple of months there will be new world disorder PUSSYKREW ORDER!!!!!!!!!

Colm Rooney
I am an artist and musician. I have been playing guitar with the Cork dub band Wiggle since its formation in 1999. I have a degree and post-grad diploma in painting from Crawford college in Cork. Up until I began the MMT masters, my work was static consisting mostly of drawings, paintings and photography. My final project was an interactive stereoscopic (3d) installation about painting. The viewer puts on prepared glasses and has control over the playback of the video and audio. The video is of me painting several pictures and the audio is derived from contact microphones attached to the paintings aswell as a condenser microphone. This is all manipulated using Max/MSP and Jitter.
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Rob Casey
is an Irish musician/composer currently based in Dublin. He studied at Leeds College of Music and Trinity College Dublin. He spent a number of years in Paris working as a pianist and is now a member of an improv trio with saxophonist Sean Og and percussionist David Lacey. He will be presenting a composition for ensemble and electronics which takes a look at the relationship between instrumental ‘noise’ and ‘electronic noise,’ how our daily listening experiences are affected by the omnipresent hum of electronic circuitry and the possibilities these modern aural experiences hold for composed music.

Enda Bates
is a musician and composer based in Dublin. He is currently pursuing a PhD in computer music at Trinity College Dublin.