About DATA

The Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) was formed in March 2002 with the intention of promoting, exploring, discussing, and exhibiting art and technology in Ireland and the world. Based in Dublin, DATA is built on the idea that collaboration between artists, musicians, technologists, and academia is the key element in creating a rich cultural environment for the dialogue and conception of technological art practices. We aim to create an informal space where art and technology can meet and allow people from multiple backgrounds to come together, collaborate, and explore new directions and art practices.

DATA is dedicated to both showcasing the work of local technologists, musicians, and artists using technology as well as providing a meeting point for the intersection of these disciplines.

Our aim is to encourage collaboration between group and non/group members and support an open forum for ideas, practice, and presentation. All forms of art and tech are welcome for showing at the group events – from interactive work to net-based projects to digital video to audio projects to theatrical performances to installations – and we will be asking for an open call for people to present their projects at the various events and venues around Dublin.

All DATA Events are free and open to the public!