DATA Workshop 1.0

DATA Workshop: Electronics For Artists
When: August 3-4th (Sat and Sun.),12-5pm, 2002
Where: Media Lab Europe, Sugar House Lane, Bellevue, Dublin 8, Ireland
Cost: 20 EURO (for basic materials, etc..)
Instructors: Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Katherine Moriwaki
Jennica Falk
Michael Lew

Workshop Description: Have you ever wanted to experiment with computers and interactivity beyond the screen? This workshop will be a two-day intensive, hands-on workshop into the realm of building electronic circuits that interface with sensors. We will focus on basic soldering, simple concepts of interactivity using the PIC16F84A microcontroller, MPLAB, and programming in PBASIC. No experience with electronics is necessary!

Participants were asked to bring PC Laptops (if you have them or can borrow them) in order to allow for programming the microcontrollers. Also – if you want to take home your project – you should purchase a prototyping solderless-breadboard from Maplin Electronics or Peats Electronics in Dublin.
Additional Info: More info on the PIC microcontroller and PBASIC can be found here:

More info on MPLAB

The workshop will also include documents/ handouts with information resources.

*** Due to space limitations we are only accepting the first 10 people who respond.***
Please email all responses to Jonah Brucker-Cohen jonah(at)
Photos: Images from DATA WORKSHOP 1.0: