DATA Workshop 2.0

Workshop: Data Workshop 2.0: E-Waste 3.0

Location: Moxie Studio Dublin. (86 Jamestown Road, D8, Near Blackhorse Luas stop)
Cost: 20 EURO (for basic materials, etc.)

Instructors: Benjamin Gaulon, Lourens Rozema

Workshop Description:

Moore’s law dictates that the complexity of computer chips doubles each 18 months. This causes a rapid decrease in the value of existing electronics. Thus, the dark side of technological progress is the production of endless amounts of electronic waste: e-waste. Although the economic value of obsolete electronics approaches zero, the electronic components themselves can still be useful in other contexts.

Our workshops offer the participants to become familiar with basic hardware and software design while at the same time gaining hands-on experience making an interactive art project. The workshops are open to participants of different backgrounds and no programming or electronic skills are required. The idea is to start from scratch and create a complete project over a weekend, including concept, design, electronics/ interfacing, and functional programming with Max/MSP, Pure Data or Processing.

Workshop Requirements: Bring your own laptops if possible. Some ready to be recycled electronic waste will be provided but in order to built more projects we are encouraging the participant to bring their own electronic waste (best junk to bring: old scanners and old printers for their motors, electronic toys for the cool sounds, gadgets, USB joysticks, etc…).

Tools and basic electronic equipment will be provided as well as BlueSense Boards for the duration of the workshop. (to know more about BlueSense check out:
The participants are encouraged to bring their own food (a pizza delivery service near by can be used too), tea and coffee will be supplied.