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From Cryptography to Autonomy

Discussion & Open Mouse Night 7.30pm | Third Space, Smithfield | FREE

With the revelations that the Security State has joined with the Corporation in the wholesale dragnet of our daily lives, it is now clear that the internet and in many respects the wider public sphere is being strangled, degrading the very basis of a democratic society in the process. This year’s DATA@Darklight event will examine this ever tightening grid of control and consider the means by which to resist or escape it. We will hear from members of the Dublin branch of Crypto Party, described by Cory Doctorow as “a Tupperware party for learning crypto”, on their efforts to organise in Ireland and internationally. We will also hear from Gavin Mendel-Gleason of Left Forum who will present on Machine Learning and the Security State. Finally we be joined by key organisers of, the Italian collective of privacy, cyber rights and political activists, who will share their experiences of fighting for autonomy during Berlusconi’s years in power.

‘Open Mouse’

In keeping with an established tradition of DATA we re-institute the ‘Open Mouse’ and call on all producers to bring your works/sounds/gear/games/code , finished or not – so that we might share in and support each others efforts. If you are a practitioner – animator, musician, filmmaker, gamer, coder – and are in need some feedback from a supportive audience, then we invite you to bring your ongoing projects or recently completed works, related or totally unrelated to our Crypto/Autonomist theme this year. Simply bring your gear and we will plug you in.


Resistors to Resistance – A History of Hacktivism

Despite its recent heavy use in media in relation to Anonymous, the term ”hacktivism” is close to 15 years old and the concepts involved are twice that. This talk will attempt to explain the history, the means and the motivations of those who practice offensive hacking with a political goal in mind.

Nosmo // CryptoParty Dublin

Can computers dream?

Gavin Mendel-Gleason // Machine Learning and the Security State.

10 years of hacking and media activism

Autistici / Inventati speakers

CryptoParty is a grassroots global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography to the general public

Gavin Mendel-Gleason is a post-doctoral researcher at Dublin City University working on applications of machine learning. He is also a trade unionist, an activist and a member of the Left Forum.

Autistici // Inventati is an Italian internet activist collective that provides free tools and media infrastructure in order to promote privacy, security and cyber rights.