DATA Event 58.0







Where: Studios One and Two Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin
When: 18:30-21:30, Thursday June 6 2013
Admission: Free
Speakers: PING

PiNG is a French NGO that explores digital practices and invites people to make technologies theres. It is both a space of ressources and experiment and a fablab. The NGO develops its project around mediation, pedagogy, project support and digital stakeholders networking.

From digital to social innovation, PiNG favours the connections between different communities while defending the values of free culture.

Because technologies evolve very fast, like people usages do, PiNG develops projects and spaces where it is possible to experiment new ways of doing things, new collective practices, alternative learning environments… It is a sort of opened and shared “citizen laboratory” aimed at a wild variety of stakelholders: NGOs, public organisations, artists, designers, makers, researchers, schools….

Julien and Charlotte, both project managers, will present you PiNG and key projects of the organisation…