DATA Event 50.0











When: Friday 20th January 2012, 18:30 – 20:30

Location: Studios One and Two, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.

Cost: Free

DATA 50.0 pays particular attention to the Sonic Arts, showcasing the intersection of practitioners across Digital Media, Electroacoustic Composition, Spatial Audio, Networked Performance and New Interfaces for Musical Expression.This is a good opportunity to see a diverse range of Dublin based sound artists talk through their practices, demonstrate their instruments, interfaces and tools, discuss upcoming projects and perform new work. Presenters include electronic collective Dublin Laptop Orchestra, and sound artists Slavek Kwi and Cobi Van Tonder.Broadcasting live with Ustream

Dublin Laptop Orchestra

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra makes music with lots of laptops, hands, golf controllers, and hemispherical speakers. Our aim is to bring some theatricality and ‘physical presence’ into electronic music performance. We do this by creating software instruments that require movement and skill from performers and encourage interaction and improvisation. Dublin Laptop Orchestra are Alex Dowling, Jenn Kirby, Rachel Ní Chuinn, David Collier, Enda Gallery, Tara Lewis, Emma O’Halloran, Saramai Leech, Amanda Feery and Mark Rooney

website: facebook: twitter:@DubLork

Slavek Kwi

Slavek Kwi is sound-artist, composer and researcher whose main interest lies in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with Reality. He has been fascinated by sound-environments for the last 30 years, focusing on electroacoustic sound-paintings. These complex audio-situations are created mainly from site specific recordings, resulting in subjective reports for radio-broadcast, “cinema for ears” performed on multiple speakers, sound-installations integrated into the environment and performances. His works oscillates between purely sound-based and multidisciplinary projects. From the early nineties Slavek has operated under the name Artificial Memory Trace.

Website: listen here:

Cobi Van Tonder

Cobi van Tonder is a South African born composer, electronic artist and lecturer, currently undertaking a practice based PhD in the Art and Technology Research Lab in Trinity College Dublin. Her music, sound art and inter-media works range from networked acoustic explorations, to traditional instrumental works, to video installations and projections – the main focus always the listening experience. Works revolve around sound perception, multi-channel computer-generated composition, networked sound, acoustic studies, tools and methods for the control of spatiality in sound. The recursive theme in works are how they create, challenge and reinvent conceptions of the audio-physical experience of spaces and objects whilst maintaining a sense of mystery and beauty. Van Tonder has also produced commercially for cinema, television, radio, and mobile media before commencing academic studies at a later age. Listen here: