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When: Saturday 22 October, 16.00
Location: Darklight Festval, The Factory, Grand Canal Dock, Barrow Street
Cost: Free for Darklight tickets holders

Martial Geoffre-Rouland is a digital artist, interactive developer based in Lyon ( France ). His previous works are mainly focused on interactive scenography, and installations. Combining large scale structures with home made software on live stage, he catches the audience attention with immersive and sound reactive visuals.

He started a collaboration with Superscript and Creators Project in early 2011 to create and produce projects like Light Invaders or Modular Ship.

Some selected stage installations : 2011 / 2010 : Nuits Sonores ( Lyon ) 2011 : N.A.M.E Festival ( Lille ) 2011 : Danger ( artist ), stage visuals for his tour

Portfolio :
Modular Ship :
Light Invaders :
Creators Project profile  :
Danger New Live at Gaité Lyrique ( Paris ) :

My practice of curating is exercised outside the traditional confines of the museum and gallery and is largely influenced by DIY and open source processes. By blurring the lines between hacking and curation, my approach is to engage audiences through participatory platforms. In my curatorial work, I place an emphasis on building communities and providing structures to support them.

In this talk, I will describe a number of my curatorial experiments and how practices prevalent in the open source communities are influencing curatorial paradigms in visual arts.

Bio: Nora O Murchú is a curator and researcher. Her PhD research looks at open source methods and the visual arts, and how as a curator and facilitator of projects can implement an open source methodology into her practice.

She is the founder and director of Tweak – an interactive digital festival, which is a platform for digital arts in Ireland. She is currently a research fellow at the Interaction Research Studio in Goldsmiths University.

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