DATA Event 40.0

Location: The Joy Gallery at RedSpace, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Presenters:Tim O’Donnell – Arduinome

The arduinome is an OSC controller using Arduino to clone a monome. A community has sprung up around building these endorsed by the monome creator (he is less impressed by other electronics companies robbing his idea). As a group we ordered PCBs and components online, assembled, troubleshooted and finally played with the monomes once they were built.

Anne Maree Barry

Anne Maree Barry (1979) is a film artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her experimental short film Covered Road was the winner of Best Irish Short at the Darklight Film Festival, Dublin. Rialto Twirlers at JDIFF is Barry’s first documentary short film. Young people growing up in a marginalised community in inner city Dublin, Rialto, are exposed to the social problems that accompany poverty. They find a space for themselves through creatively engaging in majorette groups, a traditional feature of the social landscape in working-class areas. In a swirl of pom-poms, twirling batons, sparkles and feathers, Rialto Twirlers captures a secret moment of unity and beauty as a dance troop rehearse their routine for the final time before a national majorette competition. Not as acrobatic as their American cheer leader counterparts or as military as their marching bands founders, the Rialto Twirlers are a creative fusion of hard graft, skill and energy that is associated with our pluralistic age, in which anything is possible.

Matthew Talbot-Kelly

Trembling Veil of Bones (300) Director Matthew Talbot-Kelly’s animated short film The Trembling Veil of Bones employs a combination of live action and computer-generated imagery to fashion a densely layered world of intrigue and revelation. In a veiled city, cluttered and thick with memento mori, old letters, fading photographs and dust, mail is still delivered by hand, albeit by an automated centaur. While enormous robots parade their dead through the streets, deep inside the mechanized guts of this unpredictable metropolis, even more mysterious emissaries are hard at work.

Jack – RedSpace

Jack will present some examples of his video art and technology work in theatre, briefly talk about RedSpace / The Joy Gallery and a couple of other projects / collaborations.

Currently showing at the Joy Gallery: ‘Paper Tiger’ is an exhibition of work by Niamh Clarke, Adrian Colwell, Ailbhe O’Connor, Hazel Dixon and Conall Kelleher. The work comprmises of a range of different media, including photography, drawing, sound, installation and video. Each artist has chosen their selected discipline to explore the chosen theme of the show. The theme deals with notions of the beauty of the everyday as well as altering the viewers way of seeing, whether it be seeing a familiar setting, a figure, an object or an art piece itself.

Data Event 40.0 Celebration After Party – Animalog

From 9pm to 0.30am – Joy Gallery at RedSpace.

Fernweh Fernweh is a collaboration between producer Ilex and vocalist Julie Dillon.

Holly McGowan has been producing ambient minimal electronica since 2005 under the monikers fringe and Ilex. She has been described as sounding similar to Steve Reich and Orbital, has played in a number of venues in Dublin,Cork and Galway, and has played at Mantua and Life Festivals.

Julie Dillon is a Jazz vocalist and was Resident MC with Drum and Bass outfit ’174′. She has Performed on the Main Stage at the Electric Picnic with ‘The Company’ and has played in venues from New York to Bangkok.

Push move click live analog synth improvisation

DeFekT Playing a live hardware Miami bass and electro funk set with improvised elements on Mpc and Modular.

6 Hertz and Johnny Oakley Will be playing their last show in Dublin before heading off to London…expect, electro, dubstep, techno, and all things bass…live MPC hardware set…

Lightyear Electro space funk light-years from here..