DATA Event 39.0

The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Lad Lane (Off Baggot Street), Dublin 2 (see map below).

Martin John Callanan is an artist whose work spans numerous media and engages both emerging and commonplace technology. His work includes translating active communication data into music; freezing in time the earth’s water system; writing thousands of letters; capturing newspapers from around the world as they are published; taming wind onto the Internet and broadcasting his precise physical location live for over two years. Martin is currently Teaching Fellow in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

Jules Hackett & Paddy Cahill

Jules Hackett is an multimedia artist based in Dublin. He works with installations, digital media and live visuals. He’s currently undertaking an MA in digital art in the National College of Art & Design.

Paddy Cahill is a documentary director based in Dublin. Since graduating in 2006 from IADT, he has worked the past two years for ‘Mind the Gap Films’. He has just completed a short documentary on the Irish Times cartoonist Tom Matthews which is currently doing the festival circuit.

The music video for the band ‘the 202s’ is a frame by frame animation using a technique called rotoscoping. This process firstly involved shooting and editing video of the band. Once projected onto a surface from above, we went about drawing and photographing just under 3000 frames using 11 phonebooks in total. The video has recently been nominated for an Irish Music Video Award.

Live performance by: Benjamin Seror

Benjamin Seror (Lives and works in Paris) His work underlines links of non communication in his practices of drawing, music or writing. He aims to understand their specificities and extract possible uses. Any shape, object, colour or people produces an incalculable number of pieces of information. From anecdote to History, they reveal, their own temporalities, according to their rules. Many pieces of information echo together, others fade away. The question remains, how long this silence will keep on going, and, if the absence of understanding is necessary for understanding.

The complete story of Marina Bay
A theoretic solo-opera about the dangers of living on a volcano island.
by Benjamin Seror after a sculpture of Grégory Cuquel.

Marina Bay is a small island where the sculptor Gregory Cuquel discovered how fascinating a volcano can be. After few weeks on he Island, back in his studio, he built, in one illuminated night, a replica of the volcano he saw on the Island. At this point of this story, the theoretic opera will be a way to analyze the different faces of volcano across many legends and figures to solve this question, can a love song touch a volcano.