DATA Event 33.0

Flux Cafe (The Science Gallery, beside the new entrance to TCD on Pearse St.)


Chris O’Shea – creative use of computer vision
Chris O’Shea is an artist and designer, creating interactive work for both public institutions and private companies. His focus is on developing work that encourage creative play and collaboration, challenging our perception of space and physical objects.

In 2006 he was the guest curator of the Cybersonica exhibition and in 2007 received a commission for Designers in Residence at the London Design Museum.

He is the author of Pixelsumo, and is one of the founding members of the event series THIS HAPPENED, a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design. Having ideas is easier than making them happen. We delve into projects that exist today, how their concepts and production process can help inform future work.

Dominic Harris from Cinimod Studio
Dominic Harris from Cinimod Studio will be presenting the “Untitled (UFO)” project done in collaboration with NY artist Peter Coffin. This performance artwork featured a 7m diameter with 3000 lights flying over the Polish city of Gdansk in July 2008.Cinimod Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice specializing in architecture and lighting design, physical/digital interaction design, and the production of bespoke artworks. It is led by the architect Dominic Harris, whose passion for architecture and lighting design has produced built projects now found across the international art and architecture scene. Cinimod Studio operates from a London studio and offers both full project design or specialist consulting.

Cóilín Rush
An important aspect of my work as an artist is the ‘pottering’ process. In between making a painting or editing a piece of video I like to potter about my studio and workshop. I google things on the computer or stroll down to the workshop and look through assorted nuts and self tapping screws. Sometimes I get in the car and drive up to a DIY superstore to buy a section of pipe to bend into the shape of a camera harness. this process often leads me to pursue meaningless or abstracted parts of my practice as an artist and then the pointlessness of the pursuit begins to interest me.’

Tim Redfern, Eoghan Kidney – *Sparks
This projected performance featuring guest artists and audience participation allows lightpen drawing with realtime video effects on a custom lightbox setup. *Sparks will transform ‘The Academy’ building beside the Science Gallery into a dynamic drawing pad for the launch of Lighwave 2009.
Tim Redfern and Eoghan Kidney frequently collaborate on projected visuals at music events and festivals around Ireland, combining filmmaking narrative with technological inventiveness and custom hardware & software setups.

DATA was supported by The Arts Council.

In association with LIGHTWAVE 2009, Data Event 33.0 will be held at The Science Gallery, TCD.