DATA Event 21.0

4 Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland (now with wi-fi)

Cati Vaucelle
Terraria is a collaboration between CRITE, and the Ark, a cultural center for children, created for the three months (summer 2005) Save the Robots exhibition. Created by Cati Vaucelle (concept, software, hardware and interaction design), Michael John Gorman (concept, interaction design), Andrew Clancy (sculpture of the Terraria landscapes), Brendan Tangney (advisor).
Terraria is a new approach to creating video stories at an art, science and technology exhibition. Currently on show at the ‘Save the Robots’ exhibition at the Ark, Terraria is a graphical and tangible interface which synthesizes performance and editing into a simultaneous act. Terraria captures movie segments, voice over, and offers real-time video and sound effects. The user records sounds and visuals, and applies real time effects using a joystick.

Maeve Clancy & James Hannigan
Digital Animation
‘The Boy with the Ever Open Jaw’, a 4 minute animated short funded under the Film Board ‘Irish Flash’ scheme. Also showing is Maeve Clacy’s model animated music video for Thalamus of the alphabetset

David Coyle & Mark Matthews
Computer Clubhouse
The Computer Clubhouse Games Workshop was run for young people (12-15 year olds) attending the SWICN Computer Clubhouse The workshop involved young people in many aspects of computer game design, including game art, level design, AI, music and sound design. Although building computer games is a complicated and difficult process, each participant designed and built their own imaginative 3D game.

Tim Redfern
‘CaretStik’, new music video for a Plaid track created for a warp/ creative review competition. Mastered in Hi-def video using Jitter and a Digital SLR camera.

Delicious 9
Happening Dublin animation and music video production company.

Composed by Philip Glass, Video by Simon Doyle
Commissioned by the Crash Ensemble to make a visual accompaniment to a piece of music by Philip Glass, Simon Doyle has borrowed over 10,000 images of circles within squares from, to make a hypnotic and arresting piece of video. “Amazing” (Irish Times)

Wildlight Channel
Brings you the greatest new films for mobile and the small screen, high quality, exciting and engaging content to emerging platforms. films : animation : documentary : edgy : fun : innovative ; International and Irish films.