DATA Event 12.0

Stags Head Pub (Upstairs Room) Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland


Paul Murnaghan
Artist/curator Paul Murnaghan spoke about some of his past works including mp3(abode) – and ‘Requiem for a fly’ currently on exhibition at Galerie Haferkamp his work primarily deals with an interactive examination of human emotion realised through digital means. Murnaghan will also talk about a future exhibition which will take place in Dublin in November called ‘snow’ which examines what he calls a ‘comatose sentience’ within digital waste and attempts to create a digital meditative space using the aesthetics and sound of the slow motion static derived from interaction with a B+W TV and a wire coat hanger.

John Buckley
John will present and interactive piece called (in)SECURITY. an exploration of the polarities of the new world (dis)order. He will also present a video piece titled Dirty Little Boys. a meditation on our State’s poor mouth cap-tipping sliebhinn-ism. Also: The Syrian game ‘Under Ash’and the US Army’s America’s Army. And will discuss a little of Alex Galloway’s talk on Realism in Gaming.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a Dublin based group of 3d artists,Darragh Mason,Niall Moran and Rowan O’Brien working together to produce original,visually creative animated shorts and music videos.We came together with a view to creating imaginative and thought-provoking animation.Vitamin A works primarily with 3d animation software but uses anything else that helps the process of getting whats in our heads,out onto the screen.
Michael Fleming
“Three little Swigs