DATA Event 71.0

WHEN: 17.00 – 18.00, Sunday, 4th September, 2022

WHERE: The Human Lab Stage, Mindfield, Electric Picnic

SPEAKERS: Aisling Phelan, Joana Walsh, Sal Stapleton

Aisling Phelan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and writer, working across 3D animation, photography, video, virtual reality performance and live interactive technologies. Her work explores the merging of our online and offline identities.

Joanna Walsh is a multidisciplinary writer for print, digital and performance. The author of eleven books (several co-written with AI), her publishers include Semiotext(e), Bloomsbury and Verso. She also works as an editor and university teacher. She is a Markievicz Awardee and a UK Arts Foundation fellow. She founded and ran #readwomen (2014-18), described by the New York Times as ‘a rallying cry for equal treatment for women writers’. She currently runs @noentry_arts.

Sal Stapleton is a Visual Artist and Music Producer based in Dublin. Sal founded Creative Arts and Media company  Goldmoth Media  in 2015 and has  worked
freelance as a Designer, VFX Artist and Animator for numerous post production houses in Ireland. Their work spans across many mediums and platforms – from
visual and audio production to graphic and stage design. For the past four years Sal has been defining their identity not only gender speaking but technically as well. Constantly moving from a place of curiosity, minutia and assiduity.

DATA Event 71.0 was a panel focusing on the relationship between art, creativity and artificial intelligence. The event was part of the Human Lab programme, curated by Aisling Murray, at the Electric Picnic Festival in Co.Laois. Featuring contributions form three artists whom work primarily with digital technologies, Aisling Phelan, Joanna Walsh and Sal Stapleton, the discussion navigated through neural networks, autonomous systems and digital infrastructures in order to understand how artists and algorithms both collaborate and collide in our contemporary networked society.