DATA Event 45.0

When: Thursday, 10th of Feb, 6.30pm

Location: Hello Operator


Rosa Menkman. Every technology possess its own inherent accidents. Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visualist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their positive consequences.

By combining both her practical as well as her academic background, she merges her abstract pieces within a grand theory artifacts (a glitch studies). Besides the creation of a formal “Vernacular of File Formats”, within her static work, she also creates (narrative) work in her Acousmatic Videoscapes. In these Videoscapes she strives for new forms of conceptual synthesis (synesthesia) of sound and video artifacts.

rosa-menkman’s website

Sydney Ogidan (7 December 1974) is a Curator, Photographer and Collector, since 2009 he is the Director of the BLK River Festival.

From 2002 to 2008 he worked as the Creative Director for Vienna based Fashion Label Annahoj, during that time he received a Diploma in marketing.

2008 Groupshow Apocalyptic Colors at Senn Gallery, right after foundation of Institute of Urban Development and BLK River Street Art Film Festival happened. Various Projects in Public Space among others , Mobile Street Cinema/ Vienna.

2010 he curates Kunstahalle Vienna Filmprogram for the Street as Studio“ exhibition inline with 2 editions of the Concreteflower Magazine.

In summer 2010 he selected a series of films for Les grandes Traversees Festival.

Among 40 Projects in Public Space Sydney Ogidan curated Soloshows with All City Crew, Brad Downey, Evan Roth and Mark Jenkins.

Currently he lives with his wife and 2 kids in Vienna. www.

Teresa Dillon is an artist, researcher and producer, whose work explores human emotion, communication and survival. Her work takes various forms from performance art including locative based performances, site-specific installations, sound art, academic and applied research, to event direction and production. She is director of the UK-IRL based arts collective Polar Produce, through which she has established and produced various events and collaborations, including N.I.P. an artist based research and touring network; UM: International Festival of Experimental Media, Lisbon, Portugal and the OFFLOAD programme. Alongside her arts practice, she has also worked in various academic, applied research institutions and public bodies across Europe (e.g., BBC, Futurelab, Cambridge University, UK). She has performed internationally at various festivals and venues (most recently Pixeache, FI; Virtual Platform and STEIM, NL; Interferenze, IT and 7a11d, CA). Her research has been published internationally in various books and journals and she holds a PhD (The Open University, UK) on creative collaborative processes and music technology.