Workshop:Punk Console Workshop

Location: This workshop will be hosted by The Joy Gallery at RedSpace, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1

Cost: 20 EURO (for basic materials, etc.)

When: Friday 26 February, 2-5pm

Instructors: Led by Patrick Cashin [IE] for DATA (Dublin Art and Technology Association), part of DATA 40.0 (8th Year Anniversary) Patrick qualified as a sound engineer in 2007 where he developed a true passion for electronic music. From then on he decided that electronics was his next logical step so he could learn about how to build his own musical instruments. Now he has successfully forged a solid understanding for electronics and is using his own home-built equipment to create his own compositions.

Workshop Description: This workshop will offer to the participants to become familiar with basic electronic design, oscillators and frequency modulation and create their own sound module.

No electronics skills required. Workshop open to ALL. Limited to 10 participants