DATA Event 24.0

Filmbase, Curved St., Temple bar

Benjamin Gaulon – Recyclism™
The Res – Recycling Entertainment System
The Res is using six Nintendo Entertainment System’s controllers. Those controllers [the chip they contain MC 14021 BCP] are connected to a main chip [Atmel Mega 16 programmed in Basic] which read and convert to midi, the signal from the controllers. The midi output from the Res is connected to a computer which run the Resware, a Max/Msp midi based software. Each controller is playing with a different sound bank. So the players can mix like Dj’s and play in group like a band:
[1] Bass [library of 67 sounds]
[2] Drum [library of 18 drum kits]
[3] Percussions [library of 169 sounds]
[4] Percussions [same library as [3]
[5] Voices, Music Loops, Scratch… [library of 193 sounds]
[6] Synthesizer [library of 227 sounds]
de Pong Game™
De Pong Game is a recycling of the famous game PONG [Atari 1975-1977]. This new version has been built with Flash [Action Script] by Arjan Westerdiep for Recyclism™. This project is exploring the concept of Augmented Reality by using and interacting with urban architectures [buildings] as background for the game. Thus the game is projected on a building and the limits of that building are becoming the limits of the game area. The ball projected on the building bounces along the limits of the walls. The software is also using the windows as an obstacles for the game. So the ball is limited to frame of the building. As you touch the ball with the slider, its speed increases and because the ball bounces on all the obstacles of the architecture it becomes more and more difficult to play.
The PrintBall™
The PrintBall is like an Ink-Jet printer using a PaintBall Gun as printhead. The gun is mounted on a custum made pan & tilt unit which is connected to a Max/Msp based software through an Atmel chip [programmed in Basic]. The software allow the users to load and analyze images. The resolution of the image and the space between the point [definition the image] can be ajusted. Because the document is printed from a central point the number of steps by points send to the pan & tilt, which is moved by two stepper motors, one for each axe horizontal and vertical, determine the space between each point.
Blackletter is an artists’ group, based in Dublin, carrying out an investigation into the potential of an online collaborative publishing environment for Irish artists ( We find there is a need for artists to have access to an open publishing environment where they would be able to publish their work for peer review. We advocate an open-source culture of knowledge sharing and peer review, freeing access for the sharing of files, broadcasts and discussions and allowing for interaction and collaboration at a distance, and on different schedules. Blackletter hopes to foster a new awareness about a developing area in publishing, creating opportunities in particular for younger, oppositional or emerging artists, who are less well catered for by traditional publishing methods because of the relatively high costs involved.
For this DATA, co-founders of Blackletter will be presenting a new project where online mapping tools are used to create a dynamic archive of artworks which have existed out-of-gallery or are of a location based nature.

The Kingdom
The Kingdom is a proposal by John Buckley and David Walker to develop an online, multi-user environment exploring landscape, terrain and utopianism. Commissioned by Ruairí Ó Cuív for Kerry Co.Co. The Kingdom is a work in progress due to go online in 2008.

Paul Makepeace
Paul Makepeace assists artists using a lightweight funding model, soliciting ideas of feasibility and implementation, connecting engineers, programmers, etc with the less technically skilled artists so widening the scope and accessibility for creating tech art beyond just the folks that have both skills.



Benjamin Gaulon – Recyclism™
The Res – Recycling Entertainment System


Benjamin Gaulon – Recyclism™
The Res – Recycling Entertainment System


Benjamin Gaulon – Recyclism™
de Pong Game


The Kingdom
The Kingdom is a proposal by John Buckley and David Walker