DATA Event 18.0

Stags Head Pub (Upstairs Room) Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland

Ray Mongey
Artist, Animator, Filmmaker
Ray Mongey was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is currently freelancing in web & flash design whilst working on short films, studying animation in college and setting up an animation multimedia company. From concept artwork to post production and five years of 3D-animation/design experience behind me. Over the course of the last five years he has worked with a number of companies from the UK and Irelandand had films shown in festivals in the UK and Ireland, on the internet and aired on MTV for winning their short film competition two years running.

Short Film Synopsis:
This short animation was developed to promote awareness of people’s mental health. Many people suffer from problems such as drug abuse and abuse at home, this short film is asking people to talk to others about their problems. If not with organisations like The Samaritans but with friends and family.

The concept was to re-enact many people’s frustration about not being able to talk to others about problems their encountering but in a controlled envoirment. Most people’s reaction will be to scribble their feelings on paper then discard of it. This film uses classically keyframed animated sequences textured on scanned A4 pages which are then immersed 3D space, where the pages are placed on the ground (textured ground from photo taken with a digital camera). A 3D camera was animated by hand to look like a real camera floating above the pages and moving in time with the music.

Susan Sakash
Creative Director, Wandering Rocks, Revolving Doors, New Ground Center
Susan Sakash is the Creative Director of WrRd, an international collective of 21 artists that will be presenting 19 new works in public spaces around Dublin from June 10th -24th as part of the ReJoyce Dublin 2004 Festival. The 19 works look to open up new forums of discussions surrounding James Joyce’s Ulysses and its’ relationship to the city of Dublin, past and present. As a whole, the WrRd collective hopes to stimulate new readers of Ulysses (and by extension, other important modern literary works) with the expanded possibilities of new media such as sound installation, web-based performance, and video.
Susan’s presentation will touch on the basic philosophy behind the organization of the WrRd collective and highlight 6 of the 19 projects. The presentation hopes to provide an opportunity for those in attendance to offer their perspectives / suggestions / advice as to how WrRd can best present these projects, both individually and as a group, beyond the typical audience for this kind of art work, which is often restricted to venues that can offer the technical specifications required. WrRd also invites anyone and everyone to get involved in the organizational and collaborative opportunities inherent in this project.

Musical Guest: Sven Anderson
Sven Anderson is a sound artist based in Ireland and the USA. He is working on a research degree exploring the perception of rhizomatic physical / social / data networks as a member of the Networks and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) at Trinity College, Dublin. He is a founding member of Soundin, an organization formed two years ago to develop new approaches to the creation / distribution of sound art within Ireland. His performance / installation work fuses microsound, field recordings, and processed pop, reestablishing the connection between the production of sound and the social / environmental context that surrounds it.

Part 1: A description of Soundin, an organization devoted to the development of sound art and experimental music within Ireland. This will include a history of Soundin, a discussion of current projects (including situ.action), and an overview of upcoming activities and long-term goals. I will also talk about the recent launch of our distribution site, an online shop that attempts to address the problem of Ireland’s distance from the international sound art / experimental music community. Musiciains / artists who are interested in international distribution are welcome to enquire about becoming involved.
Part 2: An overview of a modular audio processing toolbox that I’m currently developing. Based on PD (Pure Data) and Flash, this project simplifies the often repetitive process of building complex patches for audio processing. When finished it will be available for public use.
Part 3: A live performance using this audio environment. Microsound extracted from field recordings, layered / processed. Also a brief talk about similar performances I gave in Los Angeles.

Videos Presented:
DarkLight Selection 2003 – DVD