Data Workshop 7.0: “Hack-duino” Workshop

This workshop will be hosted by IMOCA at Plane / Site Galleries on Lad Lane,
Dublin 2, just off Baggot Street.

60 EURO (To cover Full starter kit + 1 Arduino per participant) – 55 EURO for Students

12th of September from 10.30 to 17.30

Lead by ISEA09 (International Symposium on Electronic Art).

Workshop Description:
Make floating light sculptures that react to sound. An introduction to Arduino and Processing with some good old-fashioned hack-and-do fun.

Participants will add LEDs to helium balloons and learn how to control them using the Processing programming environment to create an interactive light sculpture that responds to sound and music.

Partly inspired by LED Throwies.

No electronics or programming skills required. Participants should however bring their own laptops (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). The Hack-duino workshop will invite participants to discover Arduino. Workshop open to ALL. No technical skills required. Limited to 12 participants… This Workshop is now booked out!
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